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Why Choose Private Tutoring?

There are several reasons why parents and students may choose private tutoring as a supplement to traditional classroom instruction. Some of the main reasons include:

Personalised instruction:

Private tutors can tailor their lessons to the specific needs of the student, addressing areas of weakness and building on areas of strength.


Private tutoring sessions can be scheduled at times that are convenient for both the student and the tutor, which can be especially beneficial for students with busy schedules.

One-on-one attention:

In a private tutoring setting, the student has the tutor's full attention, which can be especially beneficial for students who may struggle to keep up with the pace of a traditional classroom.

Additional support:

Private tutoring can provide additional support for students who are preparing for standardized tests or who are struggling to keep up with the curriculum.

Extra help for advanced students:

Private tutoring can also provide extra help for students who are advanced in certain subjects and want to be challenged further.

Help with specific subjects:

Private tutors can be specialized in certain subjects and can provide expert guidance and instruction to the student.

Help with study habits and Time management:

Private tutors can help students develop good study habits and time management skills, which can help them be more successful in school and in life.

So, why not contact TutorMate to book a private tutor for your child today!!

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