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Comparing Tutormate's Private One on One Video Tutoring

Education has undergone a significant transformation in the last few years, including the way students receive tutoring. With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which type of tutoring is right for you. In this blog post, we will compare online program-based tutoring and private one-on-one video tutoring for school curriculum and exams. We will explore the pros and cons of each type of tutoring so that you can make an informed decision about which option is best for you. With the right tutoring, you can unlock your full potential and reach your educational goals.

Comparing Online Program Based Tutoring and Tutormate's Private One on One Video Tutoring

It can be difficult to know which type of tutor is best for your child. This is especially true when it comes to tutoring for exams, as there are a variety of different options available. In this blog, we'll compare online program-based tutoring with private one-on-one video tutoring.

Online program-based tutoring is structured, task oriented, and provides the student with a platform to direct their own learning through the program's support system. This type of tutor can be accessed at any time of day, and students are able to work independently. There is limited one on one contact available, but this type of tutor offers great convenience.

Tutormate's Private one on one video tutoring offers tailored for individual needs, providing students with personalised feedback from tutors working closely with them to achieve successful outcomes in their relevant curriculum or programs such as Naplan, Selective and HSC tests.

With private tutor based video tutoring, regular video sessions provide both teacher and student with an opportunity assess progress regularly via face to face communication which may help develop better study habits when compared to online programs where it is more self directed approach that can require greater discipline from the student themselves while having less tailored guidance or feedback available during those times when they need it most.

A key difference between these two approaches lies in how well each suits particular learning styles – online program based tutoring can offer great flexibility of schedule while private tutor based video Tutoring provides a more personal experience for longer term progress and developing good study habits. Ultimately, it depends on what kind of difficulty your child has faced and what kind of help they need in order to succeed in their relevant curriculum or test. When assessing what kind of tutor would be best for your child, discuss this openly with teachers/tutors who are able to best advise you regarding what's needed for success in specific exams such as NAPLAN, Selective & HSC tests etc.


Finding the right type of tutor for your child can be a difficult decision. However, with the right information, you can make an informed choice that will give your child the best chance of success. Online program-based tutoring offers great convenience and flexibility, while private one-on-one video tutoring provides personalized feedback and guidance. Ultimately, it is important to assess what kind of help your child needs in order to succeed in their curriculum or exams.

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