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Join the Tutormate family, where countless parents have trusted us to give their kids the academic boost they need. Experience firsthand the remarkable impact of our personalized tutoring on your child's grades and self-confidence.

When it comes to choosing the perfect tutoring plan for your child, you're in safe hands. We offer a variety of delivery formats and plans that can be tailored to suit your child's unique needs. Whether your child needs intensive support for a few months or year-round assistance, we've got the ideal plan for you. 

***Our Delivery Formats***

🔹 In-Person Small Study Group (x4): Your child can be part of a small, focused study group led by our experienced tutors. It creates a collaborative and engaging learning environment where they can thrive.

🔹Home Visiting Tutors: Our tutors can come right to your doorstep, providing one-on-one personalized tutoring. This ensures maximum convenience and personalized attention.

🔹 Private 1-on-1 Video Tutoring Service: If online learning suits your child better, our one-on-one video tutoring service connects them with a dedicated tutor virtually, ensuring they get the support they need from the comfort of home.

***Our Programs (Years 1 - 12)***

🔹Homework Help (English / Maths / Science): We've got the core subjects covered to help your child excel in their coursework.

🔹Naplan Mock Test and Coaching: Prepare your child for NAPLAN assessments with our tailored coaching and mock tests.

🔹Selective Mock Test and Coaching: Get your child ready for selective school entrance exams with our coaching and mock tests

🔹Homework Help: We provide valuable assistance with daily homework assignments, making sure your child stays on top of their studies.

🔹HAST: Our program preps students for the Higher School Certificate (HAST) with comprehensive coaching and mock tests.

🔹HSC Mock Test and Coaching: Specialized coaching and mock tests to boost HSC exam performance.

Don't miss the chance to give your child the academic advantage they deserve with Tutormate. Our dedicated team is committed to helping your child thrive academically and build lasting self-esteem. Start them on the path to success today! 

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